Myers Cocktail IV Benefits: Everything You Need to Know

No matter how careful you are to care for your health, you probably feel a little run down from time to time. Perhaps you may be struggling with fluctuating energy levels, dehydration from the valley sun, or low immunity. It can be hard to turn things around once you’re feeling bad, but at Luminescence Aesthetic Medicine in Chandler, AZ, we can help.

Many of our clients enjoy the boost of energy they get from a Myers Cocktail IV. This remarkable treatment loads your cells with hydration and essential vitamins, and it can help you feel better in many different ways. Here are the facts about Myers Cocktail IVs and how they can help you.

What is a Myers Cocktail IV?

This unique form of nutritional support is a blend of micronutrients in a saline solution that’s given through an IV. This helps deliver important nutrients to the cells that need them instead of relying on the digestive tract or a perfect diet to ensure that the body gets what it needs. This treatment floods cells with hydration and nutrition.

The Myers Cocktail IV was invented by the late Dr. John Myers. Through his practice, he came to the conclusion that the body’s digestive system could block the absorption of the vitamins and minerals we need for optimal health. Once your body is in a depleted state, it can be hard to recover and heal. He came up with a mix of micronutrients that could be delivered intravenously to help correct this deficiency.

What Are the Myers Cocktail Benefits?

Many people use Myers Cocktails to boost immunity, improve sleep, deeply hydrate, detoxify, and increase energy. At Luminescence in Chandler, we offer different blends to target a range of conditions. As well as providing nutritional support, we include powerful antioxidants to combat damage from toxins and stress. Our clients report that this treatment helps them feel better in multiple ways.

As well as the classic combination of nutrients that was invented by Dr. Myers, we also offer an IV drip that’s designed to help athletes recover. You can also select our Immune Boost to help you sail through cold and flu season. Refresher is a great way to improve hydration and support overall health.

If you’ve overindulged, let us help you face the day with our Hangover IV therapy. To supercharge your anti-aging treatments, we offer an IV drip that’s specifically designed to help you fight the signs of aging. As an added bonus, it is easy and relatively affordable to add on a Myers Cocktail IV when you’re here for facials and other aesthetic services.

Should I get a Myers Cocktail IV?

This nutritional support has been shown to help combat a wide range of symptoms. You may want to consider trying a Myers Cocktail IV if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Migraines
  • Asthma
  • Muscle cramps
  • Sinus problems
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Anxiety

Overall, the Myers Cocktail IV treatment offered at Luminescence in Chandler is considered very safe. However, it’s not for everyone.

If you have a certain medical condition and are concerned about any of the IV therapies we offer, feel free to speak with our knowledgeable staff, and they’ll be able to answer your questions.

Unless you are in perfect health, eat an impeccable diet, and never forget to drink enough water, you will probably feel better if you treat yourself to a Myers Cocktail IV.

Myers Cocktail IV In Chandler, AZ

We would love to help you feel your best at Luminescence Aesthetic Medicine. Our experienced providers are here to answer your questions and pick the treatment that’s right for you. Click here to schedule an appointment. See how great you can feel when your body has what it needs to work its best!

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