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At Luminescence Aesthetic Medicine, we use the safest and most advanced techniques to help our patients fight hair loss and other skin problems.

Hair loss and thinning hair is a common problem that happens for various reasons. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has proven to be a revolutionary treatment for one of the most challenging problems in dermatology—hair loss.

For years, PRP has also been used with great success to heal specific injuries and speed recovery after surgery. And while there are many other treatments for hair loss, PRP is by far the safest method that delivers lasting results.

That’s why our team in Chandler, Arizona, will evaluate your unique hair loss condition and create a PRP treatment plan designed for your condition. Here is everything you need to know about PRP treatment for hair loss in Chandler, AZ.

How PRP Hair Restoration Works

PRP treatment for hair loss uses a patient’s own blood to stimulate hair growth.

Platelet-rich blood contains many growth factors that can help stimulate the regeneration and nourishment of your hair follicles.

Our expert team injects PRP blood into your hair follicles. The platelets then stimulate the production of cells that help generate new hair and improve the health of your existing hair.

PRP Hair Restoration Process

PRP is one of the most effective ways to regrow your hair or preserve the hair you have. Typically, one of our experts at Luminescence draws a small amount of blood from your body and places it in a container in a centrifuge.

The centrifuge is then used to separate the platelet-rich plasma from other blood components. After centrifuging, your PRP is collected and injected into targeted areas of your scalp.

Your surgeon will use a profractional laser to make microscopic entry points in the skin of the scalp.

Patients report that they’ve experienced little to no pain during and after the procedure. As the PRP hair restoration process is dependent upon one’s own blood sample, this helps in eliminating the risk of a complication or rejection.

Who Can Be a Candidate for PRP Treatment for Hair Loss?

Hair loss can occur in both men and women. As such, anyone struggling with unwanted hair loss can be a candidate for PRP treatment for hair loss.
PRP is the best hair treatment option for those in the early stages of hair loss. This is because the follicles are at least partially active and can quickly be restored by PRP treatment.

PRP can also work for patients with advanced hair loss or inactive follicles. However, it may take longer, and you may require more treatments. Specialists at Luminescence may also recommend PRP treatment when you have small areas of alopecia areata or areas on your scalp with weak hair growth quality.

PRP Hair Restoration FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions we get from clients coming to us for hair loss restoration treatment in Chandler, Arizona.

Typically, you should expect hair texture and quality changes within two weeks. However, it can take up to six months to see significant results.

Since PRP treatment involves injecting your own blood, it’s free from any allergens that can cause adverse side effects. However, in very rare cases, some patients may experience side effects such as infections, bleeding, tissue damage, and nerve injuries.

PRP treatments for hair loss have no downtime when compared to other hair loss treatments.

Growing of new hairs in the treated area could be seen in as little as two weeks after the initial treatment.

Measurable results from PRP treatment for hair loss can typically be seen within three to six months, however.

Find PRP for Hair Loss Near Chandler, AZ

Hair loss may make you feel embarrassed, unattractive, and prematurely aged. However, you don’t have to suffer from hair loss anymore. PRP is an effective, non-surgical option for anyone experiencing hair loss. With PRP treatment for hair loss, you’ll not only grow new hair but also see improvements in hair texture.

At Luminescence Aesthetic Medicine, we are devoted to making you feel comfortable in your skin. PRP is just one of the many treatment options we offer for hair loss sufferers in Chandler, Arizona. Expect a rewarding experience that delivers results and helps you regain confidence in your looks. Book an appointment today for consultations with our experienced specialists.

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